MJFC COVID19: Return to Football Guidelines v4


Moretonville JFC have created this document to detail how we will return to football.  The measures compliment the guidance document released by the FA on 12 June 2020.

Before you read on, please ensure you have read this document first

For the online version please go to: 

Importantly, if you or your child are showing symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with someone displaying symptoms within the last two weeks, then you should stay at home until an NHS practitioner advises you that you no longer need to remain in isolation.

When will the training sessions happen and how are teams selected and allocated?

Pilot training sessions took place on Saturday 20 June 2020 and Saturday 27 June 2020.

The first session had three teams whilst the second had eight; we had initially selected teams associated with members of the COVID19 Sub-committee as these people will understand the various issues associated with the return to training.

This has now been widened out so all our teams have the opportunity to train.

Each manager will request a training slot, which will be allocated once qualifications have been checked.

NOTE:  ensure you park in the correct area corresponding to your allocated training area:

Parking 1: Rear of Clubhouse

Parking 2: Front of Clubhouse

Parking 3: Overflow carpark (first left by entrance)

Parking 4 & 5: Rear carpark

What will the coaching sessions look like?

As per FA Guidelines, sessions will be split into bubbles or pods (similar to schools).  Each pod will have up to 5 players and a minimum of 1 coach, all of which must adhere to the 2 metre ruling.

Facilities including toilets will not be available for the trial sessions.  If there is an emergency, we will deal with that on a case-by-case basis. 

Parents needs to remain either in their cars, or a good distance from the pods, keeping their own 2 metre distance.  They should not, cross over with parents from other teams/sessions. 

All parents/guardians must remain on site for the entire session as coaches, in cases of first aid a parent will be called over and talked through what to do; see next section for more details.

We will not be able to play games so the focus will be on fitness, agility, individual skills and a sociable ‘team-bonding’ experience.

It is possible that sessions may not last a full hour.

Managers will ask each player/parent if they are available before the session and a date when they need to know by as once they have set out their pods/coaches they cannot offer last minute additions (unless someone else cancels) so please ensure you reply promptly.  It is not a first come, first served basis, just that once the deadline has passed, no additions can be made.

What if someone needs first aid?

If a player gets injured, a member of their household i.e. parent, can aid them but others will still need to socially distance unless a life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care.

There will be first-aider or other medical personnel present, they will be equipped with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others if they need to compromise social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance.

Further information can be found here:  https://www.sja.org.uk/get-advice/first-aid-advice/covid-19-advice-for-first-aiders/

What if my team’s manager/coach staff do not have up to date qualifications (L1 Coaching, Safeguarding & First Aid)?

We must follow FA guidelines to ensure safety and insurances are not compromised. The FA and the club have made some modifications (see below) in an attempt to mitigate this issue.

Will my child be disadvantaged if they do not attend these training sessions?

Absolutely not.  No parent or child has to feel they have to participate – we are simply trying to get the children back as slowly and carefully as we can. 

What sterilisation of equipment and kit will take place?

Managers and Coaches will sterilise equipment before and after each session.  We would ask that parents take home any bibs used to be washed and brought back for any further sessions.

What changes have been made to enable a return to football?

To continue to provide some sort of training, the current coaching qualification requirements have been amended slightly;

1. All coaches must have an FA-DBS check (which is an absolute requirement)

2. If a coach has not yet attended the Safeguarding Children course or cannot renew, online or otherwise, they can support another coach (this is a change to the rules by the FA)

3. Each team must have a minimum of one person with in date Level 1 or above, Safeguarding Children and FA First Aid, although these qualifications can be shared across the coaches in attendance (this is a change to our rules)

4. Due to COVID-19 any training session must have a minimum of two coaches (this is an FA requirement)

This will be in place until courses are ran again and will be reviewed monthly at the Club Committee meetings.

What have the club had to do to allow training to re-commence?

A COVID19 station has been set up in the coach’s container holding the following equipment:

  • Black Bags (for used gloves)
  • Re-useable Microfibre cloths
  • Washing Bag (for used cloths which will be washed weekly)
  • Concentrated Disinfectant 5l bottles
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Individual sanitizer bottles for first aid (to be reused)
  • Large Sanitiser refill bottles
  • Measuring jug (for the disinfectant to water ratio)

Are the children and coaches covered for insurances?

Yes, our insurers and the FA have confirmed all training at the club grounds is covered under the current policies (Public Liability and Personal Accident)

Has a Risk Assessment been created to cover this period?

Yes, you can find a copy of the Risk Assessment on our website:  https://www.moretonville.org.uk/covid19-updated-risk-assessment/

Will the guidance be reviewed?

Yes, we will look to accommodate the feedback from the pilot sessions and any further update from Public Health England and the FA.