NHS Test & Trace requirements – FAQ

Over the last few days there has been a lot on the news and there was also an important update from the FA; as a result of this our guidelines have been updated, however there is one aspect of this that it is important to highlight to you;

From today (24th Sept) there is are requirement to use the NHS Test and Trace QR code if you attend either the RLS or our grounds; this applies to everyone over the age of 16 (including players) and is IN ADDITION to the general requirement for players who have a completed an online consent form. Please be aware that if you do not wish to or cannot use online QRs then a manual register will be available at MJFC’s grounds from Saturday outside the Clubhouse (or inside if it is raining).

To help you understand what you need to do, we have created an FAQ page and an easy table to understand everyone’s responsibilities.

Whilst this presents another routine to put in front of you I hope you appreciate the reasons behind this.

If you have questions you should refer them to your team’s Parent Rep.

Please ensure that you read the latest MJFC COVID19 Guidelines (held on our website):

and the latest FA NHS Test & Trace Guide:


MJFC Consent Form:

Q. Who needs to complete what form and when?

Q.  What if I do not have a QR scanner or able to complete online?

A.  A manual sheet will be in the MJFC Clubhouse on a table for you to register – bring a pen!

Q. Are we turning people away if they have not filled in the right forms?

A.  No.  MJFC have complied with Government & FA requirements, although we will continue to send out reminders.  We have to trust that each household is taking responsibility to comply.

Q.  Whose responsibility is it to make sure this is happening?

A.  Each and every one of us individually.  MJFC, RLS & Opposition Clubs will provide the systems and information but it is up to each household to ensure they are complying.

Q.  What about when I play an AWAY match?

A.  The AWAY Club will have their own procedures including their own registered NHS Test & Trace QR codes which should be advised to you by the opposition team’s manager in advance.

Q.  Why do I have to complete a Moretonville Consent Form if I am playing AWAY?

A.  The Club’s responsibility now is to register and record our own player’s consent that they are fit and well to play – even if playing AWAY.

Q.  How do I scan a QR code from my phone?

A.  The quickest and easiest way to do this if by downloading the NHS Test & Trace App on your phone* which gives you a Venue Check In option to help speed up the registering.

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*does not work on all phones, please check