Youth Football Without Players Is Nothing

During an incredible couple of weeks in football the quote ‘Football without fans is nothing’ has been frequently used; a similar quote in the context of the junior game could be ‘Youth football without players is nothing’.

This parallel is drawn against the backdrop of the recent social media blackout, messages from the league on discrimination, and closer to home, young players who will no longer referee games due to the verbal and physical intimidation they have received.

Our steady return to football has been centred around the players with the intention of giving them the time, space and support they need to get back playing, in a protective environment.

It is imperative that the players and referees continue to feel this protection still exists around them. So that it is absolutely clear, as a club we will support the reasonable actions of any player or referee who is subject to any form of discrimination, abuse or intimidation.

We would look to the many adults involved with our club, either in a coaching, supporting or official capacity to recognise when issues arise and ensure appropriate action is taken and assistance is given.